The Cyberpunk bar of Europe.
SPACEBAR is a portal to the future. Here we explore and inspire the future of avant-garde art, design, gaming, dance culture, and electronic music.

In our one-of-a-kind cyberpunk bar, you’ll find a large selection of special beers, cocktails, and damn good coffee. You can regularly see visitors gaming together fanatically in the Gameroom or admiring the exhibitions and raw futuristic interior while enjoying a drink. Accompanied by DJs blasting electronic music through our sound system.

Welcome to another dimension!

party at spacebar ravenights

SPACEBAR RAVENIGHTS are club nights organized by PLANETART at the SPACEBAR.

PLANETART provides the city of Enschede with weekly events that will keep (inter)national students and lovers of electronic music, and lovers of the night, in a good state of mental health by having them dance away the stress of everyday work and study life. We give people the space to create new experiences, memories & friendships.

The RAVENIGHTS provide both local and international djs a stage. Lights off, laser and smoke machine on. Tables and chairs out, ravers in!



Who wins pays a round of beers or shots! Are you ready?

Upgrade your knowledge on old-school game systems and smash those buttons! PLANETART setup Atari, SNES, NES, SEGA, Commodore 64, and more consoles. The Gameroom is located in the backrooms of SPACEBAR and can be entered for free any time we are open!