Rodrigo Fernandez

“At the moment I am releasing some of the tracks I have made in Warp and am already working on the next ones. See you around the first floor of WARP! You will most likely find me in my studio any Friday evening. Feel free to come in if the door is open or knock otherwise!”
Rodrigo (Spain) joined WARP Technopolis in October 2020 and spend a lot of time in his studio composing new music while waiting out the Covid Lockdown.
Rodrigo has been producing and producing and mixing electronic music for the past 10 years. His passion intensified through the last three years he’s been living in our city. His favorite genres are house and disco in all its forms with a favor for music from the old days, but he also explores techno and ambient music.
He came to the Netherlands for his studies at the University of Twente but now works as an application engineer in the concept, development, and management of new products for the consumer market.
As a music & technology enthusiast, he also likes to design and develop electronic analog and digital hardware aimed at music composition such as synths and spectrum analyzers.