Renting at WARP-Technopolis!?

Up for rent are 27 square-meters of potential for you to live out your creativity in the popular creative breeding ground WARP-Technopolis in the city center of Enschede!  If you are active in the fields of (creative-)technology, innovation, interactive media or contemporary art, then WARP-Technopolis is your place to be.
We offer affordable studios, an active community and a great opportunity to connect & exchange with like-minded people from many different creative professions.

Until when and how can I apply?
=> Please send us an application by Wednesday, the 7th of September. Tell us who you are, what do you, how you are going to use this office for it and how you intend to contribute to the communal life within WARP-Technopolis. Please send your application to

Do I get to go to my office at any time?
=> Yes! There is nothing holding you back from working in your space at 4 AM in the morning.

Are there additional costs?
=> No. The spaces we rent out include electricity, heating, and internet.

So, what’s the catch?
=> There isn’t a catch. WARP is run by a not-for-profit-organisation which aims to enable collaboration and kick-start artists and creative professionals.

Help! I have additional questions about this!!
=> Feel free to contact Gus via – he’ll help you out!

Good luck!