PLANETART TV: Archives Special w/ Hansje van Halem & Stanza

PLANETART TV presents The Archives Special with groundbreaking designer Hansje van Halem, and internationally recognized artist Stanza.

Hansje will give a talk about her groundbreaking work and Stanza will reveal his six-foot-tall data visualization sculpture that will be the new highlight of the Museum of the Future.

⚡Hansje van Halem ⚡is a Dutch graphic and type designer. Her work can be characterized by geometric and repetitive patterns that are almost psychedelic. Hansje’s work is exhibited in museums all around the world and since 2017 she is Lowlands’ head designer, for which she received a Dutch Design Award.

Lars van der Miesen is following PLANETART Creative Director for one year to show us the artistic- and societal revolution in which he took part. In 1984, Hansje van Halem starred in one of his art movies as a young girl. It’s been 38 years since Kees last saw Hansje, so it’s about time we invite her to come back to Enschede and talk about her work.

⚡ Stanza ⚡ is an internationally recognised artist, who has been exhibiting worldwide since 1984(!). Stanza was one of the first artists to use the internet as an art medium. He specializes in net art, painting, urban landscape, surveillance culture, and data spaces in the real-time city.

⚡The Reader⚡is Stanza’s artwork that will be revealed and become part of the Museum of the Future’s top-artworks. The Reader is a large data visualization sculpture of Stanza himself, that becomes a pulsing algorithmic heartbeat of living data. Custom-made digital software and hardware generate live events inside the sculpture.

If you are interested in data visualization, artificial intelligence, and machine learning then this artwork will definitely be intruiging to you!

Trust us, this will be an amazing edition of PLANETART TV with two of the best artist in the world. ? Do not sleep on this one! Tickets: Free!

18:00 • Spacebar opens

20:00 • Start Liveshow:
Kees de Groot about his 1984 art film in which Hansje starred

20:10 • Presentation by Hansje van Halem

20:35 • Short break with a suprise

20:45 • Stanza talks about his new works in the Museum of the Future

21:00 • End show and we get to see The Reader in real life for the first time!

21:20 • Live music performance by Stanza at Dancehal 9000 (2nd Floor)

22:00 • Technique Fabrique at Spacebar until 2am

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jun 25 2022


20:00 - 22:00