SO FUTURE – From Solarpunk to Metaf*ck!
Thursday 8 – Sunday 11 September 2022
The 19th edition of GOGBOT Festival. Experience 4 days and nights packed with avant-garde art, music, and creative technology.
Can we be saved or are we metaf*cked?

GOGBOT 2022 is about our view of the Future, in particular the value and meaning of future predictions and future production. The way we look to the future affects how we prepare for what’s to come. Future images have a significant influence on our behavior and actions.
We are inundated with future scenarios in these hectic times, some extremely positive, others very bleak. With SO FUTURE we see that, but we don’t want to be caught by doom-mongering or simplistic utopian dreams. Future images form the basis of our actions. How we shape these images is therefore of the utmost importance. In the end, it is not about what future we can expect, but about what kind of future we want.
Staying home means staying behind!


sep 08 - 11 2022


20:00 - 18:00