GAME ROOM Who loses pays a round of beers or shots! ?❤️Come & challenge your friends in the gameroom! Are you ready? Smash those buttons! ??@planetart.enschede setup Mariokart Wii, Atari, SNES, NES, SEGA, Commodore 64, Ps4 and more consoles for you to play with! ? You find the gameroom in the back of SPACEBAR! 


SPACE RACE SPACE RACE commisioned by PLANETART New at Stationsplein! Three contemporary striking light objects will illuminate the circles on the square. Before GOGBOT, these illuminating artworks by Scheidler and Kranendonk will be placed in the center of the largest COLOR PATH circles. Website


SPACEBAR Presenting:  The Futuristic Cyberpunk bar in Enschede, with live music, a great variety of special beers and damn good coffee! Welcome to the SPACEBAR! Welcome to a mindblowing experience of drinks, meet-ups and entertainment! In our first section of the BAR you can enjoy drinks and snacks , as served by our utterly charming  barboys … Read moreThe SPACEBAR