(79-83) Kees de Groot and PLANETART- Part 1

Kees de Groot is an autonomous artist, the Creative Director of PLANETART, and the mastermind behind the GOGBOT Festival, a yearly festival which brings together all the alternative scenes of the Netherlands in Enschede. For 2022’s PLANETART Archives, Lars van der Miesen will follow Kees for a whole year to get a better idea of … Read more(79-83) Kees de Groot and PLANETART- Part 1


It’s aliens part 2! These two scary figures used to roam the Romein theatre in Leeuwarden during the Astrofriezen Manifestation. After 2005 the church that housed it became a pop venue. Now, if you type in poppodiumromein.nl it promotes the use of CBD oil?? (try it for yourself) Might all aliens have a strange affinity … Read moreAstrofriezen