Kees de Groot

Kees de Groot Director of GOGBOT festival. Kees de Groot studied at AKI ArtEZ and the Rijksacademie of Amsterdam. Kees de Groot is the founder and creative director of PLANETART since 1995, initiator and producer of GOGBOT festival since 2004 and TEC ART Rotterdam since 2014. This year he is the co-curator of FAKE ME … Read moreKees de Groot

Hidde Huizinga

Hidde Huizinga Hidde, si’nedd likewise, is another familiar face in the Enschede DJ-scene. This dancefloor-minded musician focuses primarely on fast paced hard-grooves but also creates top notch productions for singers and songwriters. Soundcloud Facebook

Bart van der Weert

Bart van der Weert Bart, also known as Property, can be known for his DJ-performances across the region. Inside the studio he combines his great sense of groove with experimental synth-patches to make both electro as well as techno and house. Facebook Soundcloud


SPACEBAR Presenting:  The Futuristic Cyberpunk bar in Enschede, with live music, a great variety of special beers and damn good coffee! Welcome to the SPACEBAR! Welcome to a mindblowing experience of drinks, meet-ups and entertainment! In our first section of the BAR you can enjoy drinks and snacks , as served by our utterly charming  barboys … Read moreThe SPACEBAR

Bram van Driel

Bram van Driel Bram van Driel is part of the Weirdly Wired team. He has a passion for music but not enough time to convert it to making music itself. Within the Weirdly Wired team he is responsible for making 3d-models and a lot of programming. Instagram Icon-mail Linkedin

Robbert-Jan Berkenbos

Robbert-Jan Berkenbos Robbert-Jan Berkenbos, also known as Robbie, is a creative technologist who loves his guitar and being busy with music when there is any time left. Most time is consumed by an exciting project called Modsy.  As a member of the start-up Weirdly Wired he works on Modsy, doing the marketing, financial and design … Read moreRobbert-Jan Berkenbos

Fleur Uil

Fleur Uil Fleur rents a space to explore her creativity. She believes being around the people in the HOLODECK Studios pushes her inspiration and motivation to a whole new level.  Instagram Facebook