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Gashouder: Technological Singularity  
Openbare Verlichting: KOKOFREAKBEAN



PLANETART @ Kunstvlaai8/Artpie 2010

Photos of the opening: Flickr Neverporn, Flickr PLANETART, video of the opening

Video of the opening:

National newspapers: NRCnext, NRC and others.

PLANETART wint Kunstvlaai-prijs
met performance van de Neverporn Community (onderdeel van een van de installaties die gemaakt is als proloog op het GOGBOT festival 9-12 september 2010 Enschede).



Gashouder: Technological Singularity

PLANETART presents artistic research related to the concept of the Technological Singularity.
This concept concerns the exponential growth of technology today and predicts an explosion of artificial intelligence within decades.
The increasing impact of genetics, robotics and nano-technology will contribute to this development and will soon cause a breaking point in human history.

PLANETART presents these artistic results in screenings and exhibitions in PLANETART Medialab Artspace in the former Volkskrantbuilding + Kunstvlaai/Artpie and finalizing in the GOGBOT festival Enschede Sept. 9-12 2010



Adri Schokker ‘’ME TV, Snow” 2010 (FMI)
ME TV invites the spectator to bridge the gap between transcendentalism and technology. By achieving a meditation state, the spectator restores the signal and completes his or her videorecorded image on the screen. Snow is collaboration between media artists Ruben Boxman and Adri Schokker. www.snowvideo.nl

Sonja-Vanessa Schmitz “Hare Matter Liquefaction Experiment’’ (FMI)
Hare Matter is a material, extracted from hares. Captured and embedded in liquid, the Hare Matter releases a characteristic scented vapor. It is stored in an evaporator device for examinations and tests. The device has an respiratory mask output. This way, the Hare Matter can be inhaled. The work consists out of an evaporator device, connected by tubes to a pocket with fluid and an respiratory mask. The audience can pick up the respiratory mask and inhale the vapor. A small screen, or window, gives a peek on what’s going on with the liquid Hare Matter inside of the evaporator. www.controlartelite.com 

Avik Kumar Maitra (FMI)
Concept: The modern cyborg culture has its roots in the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century, when artificially mass-produced objects were slowly getting introduced into the mainstream, changing the lifestyle of the urban population. And from then till the present day, we have gradually accumulated layers of technology over our natural selves to such extent that right now we are simply individual faceless dots connecting to form a worldwide digital/industrial cyberlandscape. My psycho-visual installation is a satirical look at our self-distortion.

Hsien-Yu, Cheng  (FMI)
(studies of) human relations towards and interacting between machines, focusing on hardware as well as software. In this recent piece Cheng is looking for an expression of the heart in relational aesthetics to the machines increasingly rapid development.
(put your finger on the top of the telephone-plug and have your heartbeat responded into the screen…wait about 30 seconds for response)

Jaap Mutter
Body-Controlling performances, Real-Body-Avatar www.vreemdwild.nl

Danja Vasielev “Re:buntu’’
A hacked version of Linux operating system that loads a copy of itself, one after another, until no memory is left. after that the system has to erase (kill) its own copies in order to be able to continue what it was programmed for. this, rather ironic, tone of the work is meant to set an accent on the fact that machines are incapable of 'rational' or 'human-like' thinking and thus shall not be relied on. www.k0a1a.net

Virtual Worlds Pixelporn
According to the concept of the Singularity (about the exponential growth of technology leading to an explosion of AI soon) digital artists today research and play in the field of human and machine-based reproduction. These works are selected from Second Life and were produced by artists and players worldwide.
(extracted from PIXELPORN exhibition at PLANETART Medialab Artspace incl flickr group Sexand Life, March 2010)

Via Oral
NeoPopDadaArt-collective creating environments and specific projects related to technology, massmedia and popular culture. For PLANETART @ Kunstvlaai 2010 Via Oral realized an audio-visual and sculptural installation as a performance-setting for stPetersburg based Neverporn Community. NPC is performing non-stop at Kunstvlaai 2010, related to the concept of Singularity.

Neverporn Community
Erotic Arts Organization "Neverporn" was established in 07 and based in two biggest cities of Russia - Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. It's primary definition can be described as Photoproject with tagline "female", "adult", "body-modified" and "bizarre" as well. Huge escalation of local public attention within few months since the very beginning of Neverporn was developed into idea of making some kind of live performances with flamboyant sub-pornographic content. Live troupe were formed by Saint-Pete's headquarters and maintained most active and artistic models. Since then Neverporn produced few live programs and dozens of performances within Russia and in Europe since 2009 when they contributed to the GOGBOT festival.

Arno Coenen
Logo and animation design for PLANETART theme 2010 and GOGBOT festival Enschede 9-12 September, edition TECHNOLOGICAL SINGULARITY ,
…..The Singularity is near, Resistance is futile…
check out the GOGBOT special beer, produced by Eurotrash Brewery.

Saygin Soher
Virtual Gallery
Abstract animated chaos, based on dark ambient tunes.

David Scheidler ’’Coincident Sound with Hard Disk Orchestra’’
Musical composition based on programmed coincident/randomsystem. The composition is made by computer and constant changes in the parameters, with a zero chance to repeat. It combines computer-artificial intelligence-sound and mechanics.

Visual Paco (Pasqual Direse)  (FMI)
Brainscanner: MindSet – NeuroSky: Grounded in over 60 years of medical research, NeuroSky’s technology has taken proven medical EEG (electroencephalograph) technology, and evolved it for application to the mass market by making it more user-friendly and cost-effective. Technological innovations include significant advancements in electrical noise reduction, dry-sensor development (rather than requiring a wet conductive gel), substantial “cost engineering” (reducing the price), and enabling the wearer to use it outside of a lab (without the assistance of a doctor).

Gottfried Haider "hidden in plain sight (2008)"
Hidden in Plain Sight is a meditation on the nature of computer programming.
While a compiler's task is to turn abstract/immortal instructions into a structure that can be executed by the machine, it is essential to view the compiler as a result of such a process itself - thus being determined by its ancestors and source code, both most likely being imperfect.
Here, a compiler compiles itself in a perpetual motion. Each generation then turns a (modified) version of the Quake III source code into an executable file and runs it.

Frank Theys ‘’Technocalyps’’

Technocalyps is a three-part documentary on the notion of transhumanism by Belgian visual artist and filmmaker Frank Theys. The latest findings in genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, bionics and nanotechnology appear in the media every day, but with no analysis of their common aim: that of exceeding human limitations.

Ray Kurzweil interview for VPRO television ”Wintergasten” jan. 2010
Futurologist Ray Kurzweil is interviewed by Raoul Heertje for VPRO television. Kurzweil is author of the bestseller THE SINGULARITY IS NEAR, WHEN HUMANS TRANSCEND BIOLOGY, and predicts the technological singularity this century to happen, as a breaking point in human history.

Paul Klotz Counter
Counter is a blow-up digit, originally made to counter people that enter an exhibition space. Inspired by Technological Singularity the assembly code inside the installation has been adjusted to lead its own life.

+ interactive presentation of NeuroSky Brainscanners






Openbare Verlichting:

Computer-video mash-up

Arno Coenen
Computer animated GOGBOT 2010 logo presentation



Kunstvlaai Opening Party 15 mei 2010
Opening party van de Kunstvlaai at location: Societeit de Sauna, Kerkstraat 58 Amsterdam, za 15 mei 21h hosted by PLANETART
May 15 22-03+ h 5 euro

DJ Kid Goesting
DJ Jean Plastiq
Neverporn Community
Open podium for Kunstvlaai artists
Bang-Cock!, Retard-o-tron, and more shortfilms
Female visitors wearing kinky outfit in the style of transhumanism receive 50% discount on the 5 e entrance fee. No discussion, Doorbitch decides.

Neverporn Community - Cyborg Special Kunstvlaai  (pics can be freely downloaded here)


Locatie Kunstvlaai:
Westergasfabriek www.kunstvlaai.nl


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