Currently, PLANETART offers two job positions.

One for a new Creative Director and one for Project lead Housing (for our creative-technology breeding ground WARP Technopolis). 

You can more about our job offers by clicking the button below. 

Become a space-invader! Art, creative technology, interactive installations, electronic music,  experiments, activism, pop culture, and mass media are our fixed values.

If you want to dive into the world of ground-breaking events & festivals, this is the place for you!
We’re always on the lookout for new space invaders to join our team. 

As an intern, you will get the freedom to discover new realms within our network and time to unlock and advance your skill set. We are looking for talented and motivated individuals pursuing an opportunity in a colorful and creative environment.

If you are familiar in the field of:
– Marketing
– Art-curation
– Technical assistance

…then you’re at the right place! If you are a true contemporary creative, a fast learner, and a real team player, wait no longer and show us what you’ve got!

Want to join our interplanetary endeavors? 
Show us what you’ve got! Let’s make an impact in the colorful world of creative technology!

For internships, please send us your portfoliomotivation, and CV.

As a graduation intern, you get the opportunity to make an impact at one of our events we host. Your project might even be featured on one of our festivals sites or immortalized within our headquarters! So, are you up for the challenge? 

If you are familiar in the field of:
– Graphic design
– (A/V)Media art
– (VR-)Gaming
– (3D-)Design

…then you’re at the right place! If you are a true contemporary creative, open to learn awesome new skills and work self sufficiently, this is your place to be!

For graduation applications, please send us your portfoliomotivation, CV, and a rough idea of your project.

A two month opportunity to reside, experiment and create at one of PLANETART’s most unique labs sounds like your cup of tea?

At our 360° laboratory, using eight projectors, you can create and manipulate perfectly seamless images all around you. A once in a lifetime opportunity awaits!

Sounds interesting? Apply now, and show us what you can do! 

For residency applications, please send us your portfoliomotivation, and a rough idea of your project.

TBD – 12.03.22

This is what you can expect:

– A young team that is motivated to create.
– Access to unique labs within our creative spaces ready for you.
– The possibility to make an impact within our events.
– Growing capabilities with personal projects you can work on.
– Some DAMN good coffee at the office!

This is what you won’t be doing:

– Being bored – we’ll make you thrive and work on awesome projects!

– Interns making coffee for the office manager – this stigma is too old for us!
– Printing stuff – we’re a digital foundation, paper has nothing to look for here.