Our story


PLANETART was founded in 1995 by a group of young artists who emerged from the first generation of video artists in the Netherlands, associated with Montevideo. Most of the young artists have received an art education at the AKI art academy and wanted to offer an alternative to what they consider to be a uniform range of art activities and galleries in the eastern Netherlands. PLANETART wanted to be a stage for experimental talent, trash, noise and shock art that had a place to present itself nowhere else in the east of the Netherlands and at the same time build a bridge between popular culture and current, contemporary electronic art.

In fifteen years, the initiative has grown into a fully-fledged platform, which excels every edition at Kunstvlaai because of its “drive” and innovative properties in the field of video art and new technology, often combined with experimental sound art with noise elements. PLANETART is on the one hand a platform for young and experimental talent and on the other hand a platform for established talent, which no longer excels only in video art, but also in modern forms of technology, such as hackers, games and virtual worlds.