Welcome to WARP Technopolis, the breeding ground for creative technology, digital avant-garde art and electronic dance culture.

WARP is a centrally located building where it is not only possible to enjoy music and a drink, but where young creatives meet and innovative ideas and initiatives are created and realized. 

WARP Technopolis delivers a powerful contribution to the development of art and culture in the city of Enschede, with an emphasis on innovation, creative technology and electronic music. The over 3000 square meters are filled by the SPACEBAR, the BlackBrick Basement, The Museum of the Future, Creative Studios, several Expo Spaces and Sickhouse. The will to innovate and grow is all-important. 

In WARP you’ll be amazed; staying home means staying behind!

What is happening inside WARP?

Floor 0 - SPACEBAR + Expo

SPACEBAR is a portal to the future. Here we explore and inspire the future of avant-garde art, design, gaming, dance culture, and electronic music.

In our one-of-a-kind cyberpunk bar, you’ll find a large selection of special beers, cocktails, and damn good coffee. You can regularly see visitors gaming together fanatically in the Gameroom or admiring the exhibitions in our back alley or the raw futuristic interior while enjoying a drink. Accompanied by DJs blasting techno, drum & bass, acid, electro, and other electronic music through our soundsystem.

Welcome to another dimension!

Floor 1 - Holodeck Studios

The Holodeck provides space for 16 creative studios and artists in residences, where young talent from all innovative sectors in the creative industries develop their skills and creativity. This floor features (including the 360 LAB and Robotics lab) an ongoing annual program under the name of Museum of the Future, where art installations by the world’s most talented artists and performers give visitors the chance to experience the effect of innovations on our society through their eyes. Welcome to the future!

The BlackBrick Basement

The Black Brick basement houses eight interdisciplinary students working on different kinds of new media. BlackBrick offers them talent development where they receive biweekly workspaces, workshops, and lectures. This Saturday the eight of them will all showcase their digital avant garde art and host multiple performances throughout the night.