The LED Cube Presenting the eyecatcher of Stationsplein Enschede: The LED Cube. A perfect match with Enschede, the city of technology, innovation and creativity. The LED CUBE offers space for artists to present their work, curated by Kees de Groot / PLANETART. In 2020, PLANETART hosted the VITA NOVA Animation Competition which resulted in 5 … Read moreLED CUBE

GOGBOT Festival

GOGBOT Festival Presenting: 5 days and nights of cutting-edge exhibitions, performances & talks. With provoking and inspiring art, GOGBOT Festival takes over Enschede and draws over 20.000 people into the world of multimedia, critical art, electronic music, and creative technology. The first edition of GOGBOT took place in September 2004. Since then, GOGBOT annually presents … Read moreGOGBOT Festival

TEC ART Festival

TEC ART Presenting: 5 days and nights of exhibitions, robotics, symposium, talks, techno-club nights & parties in the heart of Rotterdam. International highlights and talents from the intersections of art and science, from raging robotics to oral sex, to post-truth-digital-dictatorships and the end of liberalism. Produced by PLANETART, creator of the spectacular and provoking GOGBOT … Read moreTEC ART Festival


GOGBOT Café! GOGBOT Cafe brings an inspiring evening full of talks, lectures, and performances related to art, science, and technology. In 2021 the event explores the theme of GOGBOT 2021: ‘??????????? ??? – ??’? ???? ?? ??????????? ???????’. GOGBOT Café is organized by PLANETART & partners, since 2016. Adapt or die! UPCOMING EVENTS


PLANETART PLANETART manifests itself as a guiding beacon of technological and cultural innovation. We transform Enschede into the place where modern technology and historical narratives meet, beyond the slogans of city marketing, in places where the raw energy is: the subcultures that give Enschede character: hackers, skaters, nerds, tinkerers, diggers, breeders, solarpunkers and DJs from … Read moreStationsplein

The Generators

The Generators Generators are underground culture makers who are active in the field of creativity, technology and innovation. Think of activities and initiatives in the field of creative technology, game design, dance, electronic music, avant-garde art and festivals. The growing Generators website offers an overview of the many activities organized by these underground culture makers … Read moreThe Generators