Weekly liveshow from Spacebar Studio Spacecast provides live webcasts from the Spacebar’s physical studio. Through a surprising, enthusiastic, and innovative program, Spacecast offers an insightful and diverse look into Enschede’s scene of creative people. Spacecast exists to keep the underground scene strong and visible. The aim is to make this scene more visible by generating fun … Read moreSpacecast

Noah Freriksen

Applied Computer Scientist Noah Freriksen is an applied computer scientist with a great interest in electronic music hardware. Noah rents a studio because he needs a space where he has the space to start designing music hardware that feels like an instrument that you can take on stage to create incredible tunes, in an intuitive … Read moreNoah Freriksen

Mees van der Wal

Music producer & DJ ^ Beats produced by Mees for Johnny loves me  Mees van der Wal is a student at ArtEz MediaMusic. He produces music and also performs as a DJ under the names of Modt & Grouvé M. Besides he’s involved with In The Middle of the Radio.  Instagram Linkedin

Jay Minimal

Visual artist, DJ and more. Jay Minimal is a visual artist and a DJ mostly involved in the Techno scene. He’s the founder and organizer of Oscillate, which hosts Techno events mainly in Enschede & Munster. Besides that, he’s often found collaborating or being involved in many electronic music events (PARADIGM, Wildeburg etc) wearing … Read moreJay Minimal

Modsy Controller

Analog feel, digital perks Read more about the Modsy Controller on their website. Created by Weirdly Wired. Their team consists of two young Dutch students with a strong passion for music.  Their startup is rooted in a personal need for a better tool for digital music production. Through their personal affiliation with the music industry, they … Read moreModsy Controller


Photography & Cinematography Jordy Dekker & Minne Roos are the two people who make ARK.E.TECT happen. With an enormous passion for Cinematography & Photography ARK.E.TECT aims to deliver the highest quality digital video and photo content for your brand.  Instagram Facebook Link Youtube

Marcel Bierling

Hackerman & DJ Marcel Bierling is the hackerman of WARP. With his broad technical skill set, he helps around the place daily, fixing other renter’s computers, the internet, and more. He’s been the Nightmayor of Enschede since 2018 together with Kees de Groot. In his recent ongoing project, he digitalizes analog videotapes using artificial intelligence … Read moreMarcel Bierling

Gustav Eckrodt

3D World Builder & Level Designer Gustav Eckrodt is a level designer & 3D World Builder under the name of Viguar Industries. He loves the craft of creating great levels and environments for games.  Gustav is also very much involved with PLANETART and its projects (such as GOGBOT  & FMH), working as part of the … Read moreGustav Eckrodt