PLANETART manifests itself as a guiding beacon of technological and cultural innovation. We transform Enschede into the place where modern technology and historical narratives meet, beyond the slogans of city marketing, in places where the raw energy is: the subcultures that give Enschede character: hackers, skaters, nerds, tinkerers, diggers, breeders, solarpunkers and DJs from all over the world! The Station Square is an impressive gateway to a world of possibilities and voyant stories.

We cannot single-handedly transform the flat-concrete downtown into an oasis of playful creativity; with the support of Netwerkstad Twente, the first steps have now been taken to boost the urban quality of Enschede and its surroundings. We have done this with a number of projects aimed at interactive intervention in the public space of Stationsplein


Regional initiative, national impact! The work is a tribute to writer Jan Cremer, and his 1942 Harley Davidson motorcycle, the model that graces the cover of the novel Ik, Jan Cremer.

Riders can listen to audio excerpts from several of Cremer's books on the "Cremer motorcycle" via a user interface.


The SKATE Game on the LED Cube is an interactive extension of the animation system previously in use.

Through newly placed sensors, the speed of skaters speeding, falling, racing or bouncing past on the Station Square is calculated and shown to them on the LED screens of the cube. The installation encourages skaters to explore with each other how to score the highest possible speed.


PLANETART placed three light sculptures in Station Square for some cheerful light in the darkness. The sculptures reference pop culture phenomena.

The designs for the lights are fitted within the already existing architecture and sculpture groups on Station Square to exude a sense of urban cohesion.

VITA NOVA - Animation competition

Contesters had to create the coolest & most creative animation about how baby Vita Nova saves the world from the COVID-19 virus.

The PLANETART team was pleasantly surprised with the high-quality results that were delivered by the contestants and decided to show all the animations on the LED CUBE.