Weekly liveshow from Spacebar Studio

Spacecast provides live webcasts from the Spacebar’s physical studio. Through a surprising, enthusiastic, and innovative program, Spacecast offers an insightful and diverse look into Enschede’s scene of creative people.
Spacecast exists to keep the underground scene strong and visible. The aim is to make this scene more visible by generating fun weekly experiences and collaborations. The program consists entirely of interviews and performances by creatives from the underground scene who are concerned with creativity and technology. Live every Friday at 8pm on www.spacecast.space

Spacecast Team

The Spacecast liveshow wouldn’t have been possible to realize without PLANETART offering the SPACEBAR as physical space, and because of the crew all renting a studio in the breeding ground: 

Annebel Bunt
Simone Dekker
Gustav Eckrodt
Caroline Krajenbrink
Jay Minimal
Marcel Bierling