Hackerman & DJ

Marcel Bierling is the hackerman of WARP. With his broad technical skill set, he helps around the place daily, fixing other renter’s computers, the internet, and more. He’s been the Nightmayor of Enschede since 2018 together with Kees de Groot.

In his recent ongoing project, he digitalizes analog videotapes using artificial intelligence and special software.


Marcel is a DJ under the name of Mischa and plays mostly psychedelic sets. He’s a Linux fan-boy, code programmer, and runs live-streams for several local projects on his own server (ITMOTR etc). He’s a crew-member of Spacecast as live audio-engineer.

At Green Vibrations Festival he’s been a board director and head music-programmer for the past 3 years, whereas before that he programmed their line-ups for the Psy-stage specifically.