WARP Jam for Culture!

Because our building (Stationsplein 1A) will be destroyed, we want to take all our chances to show the Municipality and all the people in the city & region that a creative/tech breeding ground is what a city needs! We need a breeding ground, we need Spacecast, SPACEBAR, Sickhouse, a space to meet and inspire!
So, we invited everyone to show their support by creating something creative! Let’s join forces and fight for space where creativity and culture can grow and flourish.
This Friday at 20:00 we announce the theme of the Jam. It will be a fun and broad theme that won’t limit your creative ability. From then on you have 48 hours to create something. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend on it, and no discipline is excluded.
Video-art, a drawing, a poem, a painting, an animation, a game, dj-set, a musical piece, a story, a photo series, programming, you might not even know what to do yet: JOIN! Through our whole building, creativity, inspiration & motivation flow freely! Now let it flow through you by joining WARP JAM!
We have made a discord server and we are now with over 60 creative and supportive people. CALL TO ACTION! Join me and many creative others on: https://discord.gg/t8QfvnevaM
You might have many questions still, please read the FAQ:
What’s in it for you?
You will meet all the creative people in the region, from all disciplines and ages. You can even be matched with a fun team, to create something together. Either way, in the end, you will have had a fun weekend working on a personal challenge that even has great meaning & value behind it! Possibly, you will make long-lasting friendships or surprising new collaborations.
What do you do with the results?
Afterward, we will make an online or physical exhibition featuring everyone’s work! Join us on Discord and WARP JAM for Culture!
You will even win some prizes!
For who is this?
For everyone, even if you think you are too old. You are not. Everyone is included because this is THE way to support our message that states: We need an open place in the center of Enschede for culture that includes Sickhouse/Cinema Obscura/Spacebar/Spacebar Terrace/Spacecast/Holodeck Studio’s (creative-tech breeding-ground)/ART Exhibition/Workshops and more!)
How to join?
You join the discord server first, please make an account. We understand that for most of you Discord is new, but it is THE BEST WAY to communicate for massive projects like this. On the discord, many questions you have will be answered!
Where do I work on the WARP JAM?
On the Discord, you can ask to work inside WARP Technopolis (Stationsplein 1A) in a Corona-proof way. But otherwise, most people will work from home and communicate with one another using the chat or video-call options in Discord! #Workathome!
Why do you do this?
Our time at Stationsplein 1A is limited and it’s honestly a shit-hole trying to create social events in corona time. We want to show what’s hidden inside the building (+35 people in a creative breeding-ground, sickhouse, planetart, spacecast, spacebar) and also who are hidden in the region and possibly never got to visit & experience our spaces! We believe there is an unbelievable great future ahead for all these places and projects, so let’s support each other full-blown! We struggle and put almost too much effort into our projects FOR YOU! Because we don’t care about making a profit, we care about the art, the good vibes, the personal growth, the people!
Side effects:
This project is beneficial for all cool cultural spaces, think of TkkrLab, Tankstation, Studio Complex, all being important to the infrastructure of this city as cultural, creative + tech & innovation. Like I said, JOIN FORCES! GET PUBLICITY! Help put all creative spaces on the map as ABSOLUTELY UNMISSABLE.

*Disclaimer* Our space is about Creative Technology. Yet we invite all disciplines, and all sorts of people, to join the WARP JAM, as we notice the support for us is coming even from people who are not necessarily into the (creative)technology sector and we don’t mean to exclude anyone.*

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Apr 16 2021


08:00 - 18:00